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Providing A Creative Outlet and Opportunity

Film Camp

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop young talent and giving them a voice to be heard through our tried and true method.​

  • Providing Opportunity: Culture, Diversity, Collaboration

    • BTI aims to bring young people from varied backgrounds together targeting those throughout the USA from historically disadvantaged rural and urban areas. We provide them with meaningful opportunities for training and engagement in new digital media technology.

  • Skills: Competence, Life, and Beyond

    • ​Participants learn skills that enable them to release their inner creativity and express their ideas as well as valuable talents that are in high demand in today's technology based world.

  • Community: Self Expression in Film

    • ​Engage in communities by creating documentaries and short fiction films that reflect their vision, understanding of the world around them, and their imagined futures.

  • Impactful Cinematic Art: Various Genres in Film

    • ​Centered around visual storytelling, artistic expression, and performance. BTI participants create digital video projects including documentaries, narrative short fiction, and experimental.

  • Verified Professionals: Mentors From Varied Media Backgrounds

    • ​Work with experienced media instructors, filmmakers, and artists. Participants learn various aspects of digital video production such as cinematography, editing, screenwriting, producing, directing, acting, scoring, sound, and lighting.

Virtual Screenwriter Internship

The BTI Internship program offers an exciting script writing opportunity for screenwriting majors. The program provides high school and college students with diverse creative opportunities to gain hands-on experience working collaboratively with an award winning production team. Through the course of the program, every intern will participate virtually in all aspects of script development, ranging from concept to fully written and produced short films.

  • Script Development: Virtual writing room with experienced script writers and filmmakers

  • Completed scripts are professionally produced

  • Completed films are submitted to film festivals

  • Participating writers receive an IMDb credit for scripts that are produced

  • Eligibility Requirements

  • High School Students and College Students currently enrolled in accredited educational institution

  • Participating students must be going into their senior year of high school or above

  • Prior screenwriting experience is a plus

  • Submit 2-3 writing samples to qualify

Application decisions are based on your major field of study, past work/internship experience, and any extracurricular activities. Ideal candidates will be organized, hardworking, self motivated, and enthusiastic about TV/Film Industry.


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