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Failure #1: Believing the Hype

Many times throughout our career we have probably been given the advice to "fake it until you make it" with the assumption that we will eventually learn to become the expert that we hope to become. Unfortunately, plenty of people will see right through you, and in the long run it will work against you to put on a pretense of courage as a defense mechanism.

"Fake it until you make it!"

This advice is often shared with people who aspire to levels of perceived

greatness in life. So you have made the decision that you want to make it BIG in

the entertainment business based on input from friends and family about how

talented you are without really trying.

This positive support has given you the false notion that you are prepared to

compete at the highest level of the entertainment industry.

You have checked all of the boxes (training, headshots, resume, demo reel) and

you feel confident. An opportunity arises and knocks at the door…


The agent walks you into the room and the American Idol moment you have

been waiting for all of your life is staring you in the face. Lights, Camera, Action!

You perform and give it your utter best - only to be told your addition was flat in

comparison to the competition and, even worse, you’re told that your look didn’t

match the person they were expecting, based on your submitted headshot.

Feeling defeated, you walk back down the long hallway and ask yourself – what

could I have done better?

"The problem with fake it till you make it is that its built on a shaky foundation." – Justin Bariso

Don't fake it, Just L.A.U.G.H.

Justin Bariso is a writer and author (@justinjbariso @Inc @TIME Author of @EQApplied) who suggests using the L.A.U.G.H. method to create success instead. Check out his article at: https://t.co/HtkjMO7bp7

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