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Each issue features a BTI Scholarship

Winner or Influential People associated with BTI and highlights a short narrative

about each of them. 


Dream Initiative

The Dream Initiative has been established through benefits, memorial gifts, bequests, donations, and foundational grants to make it possible for deserving families, partners, organizations, and/or campers to continue working towards their dreams.
Dream Initiative Awardees are fortunate to benefit from the generosity of these exceptional individuals and organizations that support Beyond the Impossible's mission and recognize the importance of film and media arts as a craft and its power to change the world for the better with each new generation.

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Bill Herndon and Beyond the Impossible. 

With the passing of my partner, Patrick, my life changed, rapidly and unexpectedly. In addition to the processing of grief I needed to find a new home for my daughter and I

Thanks to BTI and Uber I was able to gather enough financial support to have a down payment and closing costs ready to go for a new home. 

It’ll be my first home purchase and I cannot even explain how much of a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! You’ve given us a true gift , thank you.

Sierra Taylor, Dream Initiative Recipient 2022

Sierra Taylor and Emma


Films produced and developed by our current team and participants are submitted to Film Festivals. Past films have been fortunate enough to win awards.

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