Sierra Taylor and Emma

KMA Westland

New Jersey

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Bill Herndon and Beyond the Impossible.

Sierra Taylor and Emma

Sierra Taylor is an aspiring actress, homeschooling mom, cake artist, the founder of The Taylor Method (for Multiplication), and the founder of Coco & Coal (Toothpaste). Recently, she lost the love of her life, fiancé, and provider for her and daughter, on February 6, 2022. Patrick passed unexpectantly from pneumonia after a five-week battle with Covid. 

The loss was devasting in many, many ways. Unfortunately, without being considered as next of kin, this meant that the home they shared had to be sold as a part of his estate, leaving Sierra and Emma in a situation where they would need to find a safe, new place to live. 

Prior to Patrick's passing, Sierra was cast in Uber’s Everyday Giants Campaign where she shared her story as a “Spiritual Healer” and an Uber driver. The Campaign aims to highlight and give personal thanks to the drivers and couriers that have continued to show up every day. Little did she know that this campaign would show their gratitude in a way that would allow her and Emma to begin the search for a new home. 

Uber agreed to donate $30,000 to a nonprofit of her choice that had the ability to make such things happen. Beyond the Impossible was happy to step up to assist this family through our “Dream Initiative” program. 

The Dream Initiative has been established through benefits, memorial gifts, bequests, donations, and foundational grants to make it possible for deserving families, partners, organizations, and/or individuals to continue working towards their dreams. Dream Initiative Awardees are fortunate to benefit from the generosity of these exceptional individuals and organizations that support Beyond the Impossible mission and recognize the importance of film and media arts as a craft and its power to change the world for the better with each new generation. 

Sierra has been an avid supporter of Beyond the Impossible since its inception which has allowed us the ability to redistribute the $30,000 donation to assist Sierra and daughter Emma in finding a new place to call home.

To find out more about the Uber Everyday Campaign go to

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·      The Taylor Method for Multiplication

·      Coco and Coal, Tooth Tar

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